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Fast Australian Hosting

Reliable and Secure

Hosting that has reliable up-time and secure service. Hosting accounts are monitored and secured 24/7

Australian Support

Email and phone support in Australia. We offer local support for your hosting account

Security And Protection

A comprehensive set of security features that help protect your website hosting - web backups, virus scanning, malware scanning

Frequently Asked Questions

Your website is the centre of your business online and it needs a reliable secure hosting platform to keep your business online and being found.

You can pay month to month or pay yearly. We accept both Visa and Bank transfers.

Yes you can. Moving your existing website over to one of our hosting plans. You can either move it over manually yourself or talk to us and we can help you get your site moved over.

Up-time refers to how long your website has been running with out interruption or down-time.

No hosting is bulletproof and there are numerous things that can go wrong, think fibre optic back-bone outage, major CMS updates or even essential maintenance. 

Our hosting has an up-time of over 99% and we offer backups to help ensure the safety of your site and data.

 Using add-on domains, you’re able to host multiple separate sites from the one cPanel account.

So Yes you can. Ask us to help if you need further information

If you have already got your domain name and are ready to get your site hosted, we can provide you with the Name-servers to point your website too. Once your DNS has propagated you will be set to go

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