New Domain Names and Your Brand

Domain names for Business

Noticed the increase in domain names that are available ?

It used to be just .com,, .net or and variations – plus the different Top Level Domains (TLD) for different countries exist as well.

But now we have a multitude of newer domains to choose from. The addition of these new domains is to better classify the web and give it a a defined hierarchy.

There has been a fair bit of interest in people buying and securing domains for their business in particular the .accountant  .construction .attorney and .beer domains. Many new businesses are taking the opportunity to brand their business from the startup with a new and unique name that stands out from the older domains, looks good on a business card and is short, succinct and memorable.

How about you, thought of a domain name for your business ? Don’t let the registration for it slip you by. Even if you have the business name registered it can be a difficult thing claiming a domain that is already in use. If you need to know more we are happy to talk you through protecting your Business name and IP online – contact us.



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