How long will it take to build my Business Website?

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What’s involved in building a business website.

The length of time it takes to create your website depends on the complexity of the content you wish to add to your website and is also depends on several other factors like graphics, type of website and time frame.

The complexity of your site depends on the amount of content, photos and graphics that you will be using to display.
Is your site a straight up information portal for your business or will it be an e-commerce website selling your product online 24/7.

One of the biggest factors is content for your webpages. If you have content ready to go for your site then putting it together is that much quicker.
But if the website’s content needs to be written, edited and approved then that adds to the length of time to get the site live.

Graphics are another big issue. Your Business logo can be a problem if it has been sometime since it was first designed. Ideally when developing the website a hi-res image of your logo in either a .png, .jpg, .tiff will be needed. This way the developer can resize the image to maximise load time while keeping the business logo clean and crisp.
And if you have photos that need to be added to a gallery that have been taken with a digital camera, those images will need to be resized, compressed and readied for the fastest possible load time on your website.

If your website is an e-commerce site then the product images need to be taken, uploaded, stored, tagged and connected to descriptions and pricing.
When you have hundreds of products and services that your business will be adding for sale then this will increase the length of time the site takes to be ready.
Even with relatively small amounts of products for sale the length of time to enter the products into each category can be painstakingly long.
In some cases businesses have already built databases containing this information and if it can be exported into a form that can then be imported into the website this will make the process much quicker.
There are also POS (point of Sale) products that can make use of the one database for both in store and online sales which is something you could discuss with the designer at the time of your websites development. (VEND for example)

Not to worry though because at the time you decide to go ahead and build your business website your web designer will give you a list of requirements they need to get started building.
This will look something like this:-

– Logo image for website
– Photo’s and any other images for the website
– other graphics to be added to the design
– Content – wording for each page
– Copyright permission forms signed for any images supplied that require it
– Video links from where the videos are hosted
– Optimised videos (of course the developer can take care of that though)
– Login access to website hosting site, if you are hosting it away from the developer.

And any other items specific to the build of your site.

Then there is the urgency with which you need the site up and how much other work a website developer has at that point in time.

Points to consider when building your new website or updating you existing business website.

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